Hi, I am Yvonne – a women`s health & divine sexuality educator

Finding natural ways for regeneration and accessing healing keys inside of our own beings really excites me.

I work with women who desire to heal their HPV-Infection naturally and want to add this special support to the medical care they are already receiving.

My work is grounded in science-based knowledge and trauma-informed wisdom about how important it is to understand the emotional & psycho-spiritual layers as well to create long-lasting healing in the body.

Inside of me lives a science freak as well as the spiritual tantrika, they both go together and make the process holistic and truly magical.

I love to co-create with my clients an intimate and safe space, where trust is built up and healing unfolds in its depth.

I aim to make healing exciting because it means you are going to get to know yourself deeper than maybe ever before. With simple but very effective tools, techniques and self-massages you are going to be your own very best therapist and bodyworker.

SACRED Group Experiences

The work with groups is dear to my heart – there is a special Superpower showing up when women are gathering together.

I am a passionate live & online teacher; creating women`s circles, guiding self-care and pleasure practices, creating witchy rituals, doing embodiment dance events, and holding space for transformative healing journeys – this is my thing.

get a bit more intimate

what clients appreciate about me..

    My gentle and soothing voice

    The talent of explaining complicated things very simple

    My way of combining science with spirituality

    ♡ My refreshing mindset brings a new way of thinking

    My compassioned way of holding space & creating safety

    ♡ How empowered and hopeful they fly out of the Session

    Sharing some personal Stuff

    Curious about me…?

    ♡ I had a very dramatic upbringing when I was a child. I experienced multiple severe traumas that lead me to shut down my human sensations in order to keep myself somehow alive – I was literally playing death. I know the consciousness of trauma very intimately from my own experience. From there I went on an adventurous journey to reclaim back my aliveness – piece by piece and immersed myself in the fascinating world of healing arts.

    ♡ I am poly-amorous; which means I can fall (=rise) in love with more than 1 human being at a time. Experiencing myself poly-amorous is one of the toughest challenges I’m facing in my life. It teaches me to courageously live my own truth even though it sometimes scares the shi** out of me. It makes me reflect and overcome social conditioning about love-(making) and relationship(s) to truly find my authentic way of relating. And it empowers me to be okay with being different than others.

    ♡ I’m deeply connected to my Sensual Goddess. In my world it’s about feeling and opening up more and more to the magic life has to offer: surrendering on the latin dance floor, moaning while eating yummy food, experiencing massage bliss, singing mantras, drinking delicious cacao, laying naked on warm stones, being a little bit too sensual at public places – this is unapologetic me!

    ♡ I am madly in love with a tropical island called Koh Phangan. Walking barefoot every day, swimming naked, drinking coconuts, eating vegan blissfood, dreaming on waterfalls, playing mermaid, and going crazy on ecstatic dance floors gives me so much pleasure. That`s why I spent a lot of my time in beloved Thailand. 



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