A healing program for Goddesses who struggle with physical and emotional challenges caused by a diagnosed HPV-Infection… and desire to heal their body in a natural way without any kind of (further) surgery.


Shift from feeling panicked about the diagnosis and come to a deep trust that your body will be transformed into a temple of healing.

Longterm Support

Holistic Healing needs time. I offer programmes with different intensities depending where you are at right now.

Weekly 1:1 Online Sessions

This journey is especially tailored for you and what you need in order to heal & regenerate.

Connected between Sessions

We stay in touch between the Sessions via Whatsapp. This creates a deeply supported space for you.

Healing Package

You will receive some of the most important healing Tools and Supplements directly delivered to your home (value CHF 250).

Welcome & Integration Calls

In every Package, you receive a 90min Welcome & Integration Call.

Holistic trauma-informed Healing

I am working with a body-mind-soul approach which embraces all of your being.

Root-Cause Healing

This is not a “quick fix”. My work focuses on the roots of your health struggles. May your dis-ease be your cure.



14 Sessions à 90min

  ♡   ♡   ♡


Transform your Lifestyle into Medicine

Deep Reset of Healing Mindset

Nervous System Regulation through Vagus Nerve Awakening

Heal your Sleep

Heal & Detox your Fluidsystem through Lymphatic Healing

Anti-inflammatory diet & HPV Supplements

Beautiful Yoni Care Products & Vaginal Suppositories

Diaphragm & Gentle Trauma Release

Powerful Gut Healing – restore a leaky gut

Create a loving relationship with your Belly

Boost & Reset your Immunity

Liver Flush & Detox 

Clear out synthetic estrogens; especially after hormonal contraception

Deep Exploration of Root-Cause why Im-Balance manifested in your Body

Education about Sexual Health & Safe Lovemaking


+ low-risk/ high-risk HPV Types detected

+ you (maybe) have/ had warts

+ abnormal cells on your cervix

+ recovery after medical surgery

+ fear of cancer

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Payment Plans

CHF 2`840

Doctors tell you to “just wait?”

There is SOMETHING going on inside of your body that actually shows you, that there is an Im-Balance happening right now.

IM-BALANCE – something is out of balance. In your case there is a HPV-Virus found and your body is in a process of fighting and eliminating this Virus, so you can go back to your natural blueprint of health.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 


And yes, very often the body systems are healing the HPV-Infection over time itself – especially when your overall health is in “good shape”. If it`s not, the story could be a different one: when you are dealing with a lot of stress in your life, having a poor diet, possibly smoking, using hormonal contraception, having a weak immunity response, struggling with unresolved traumas or other reasons.

That`s why Doctors tell us especially in “light cases” to wait for another 3-6 months and then see “how it goes”.

But, really – we can take better use of this time than just “WAIT and see” randomly what happens inside of your body…

  …knowing in some cases an HPV-Infection can become a serious health problem and in most cases of cervical cancers HPV-Viruses have been involved.

 It doesn`t has to be this way!

I`m here to lovingly encourage you to take your healing into your own hands. Your healing doesn`t depend on Doctors or other people out there. Even though their support is precious and important – there is more wisdom and information that are meaningful for you right now. HPV is an issue of not only of the cervix, but of the whole body, each system, as well as lifestyle, mindset, emotional state, trauma impact; it needs holistic approach to really resolve it. Not just attempting to address the physical symptoms from the outside in. In terms of Healing HPV-Infections the medical system is sadly….limited. 

And I am here to spread a message of hope for you:

There is a big chance that you can heal your HPV naturally.

Yes, naturally. That means no chemical medication or (hasty) medical interventions on your most sacred ladyparts.

There is so much more you can do for your healing, then your Doctors have possibly told you.

“Healing is a radical act of selflove & it requires your time, your attention and your commitment to show up for yourself everyday as best as you can.”

Healing is about creating the right FRAME – the right ENVIRONMENT.

This is exactly what my programme is all about: creating a FRAME where healing happens literally naturally. In your case this means reducing your inflammations levels drastically and boosting your immune system as much as possible.

Together we are exploring all your Bodysystems – one after the other:

We will re-train your Nervous Systeme through deep Vagus Nerve Activation to come back into a state of relaxation & regeneration which allows you to move out of chronic fight-flight-frozen stress responses.

Your Lymphatic System will be guided through a step-by-step detoxification process so that your inner waters can flow again and your body can release the “old bad stuff” and absorb the “new good stuff”. Lymphatic Healing work is extremely powerful yet totally forgotten by the medical system.

We will light up your Gut Health it is significantly important for having your immune system functioning at its best. Further, we are going to check in with your Liver, your Spleen and other bodyparts living in your Goddess Body.

We will reflect your lifestyle and explore what you can do in your daily life to support your healing. This is about your diet, your sleeping routing, your selfcare-habits and so on.

A very potent part of my work is the exploration of the energetic and spiritual root-cause of the Im-Balance manifesting in your Body.

Later in the Journey, when the Basic-Work is done – we will work on a loving connection to your Womanhood, your Yoni and your Lovemaking Goddess. We gain clarity how she wants to make love, how she can feel safe in experiencing Intimacy and you will receive precious information about sexual health. Here we can also play with Tantric and Taoistic Practices where we use Sexual Energy for your Healing.



What`s next…?


Contact me

My work resonates with you? Amazing! Simply reach out to me. Leave me an email, a whatsapp or a voicenote – so we can arrange a free Matching Call.




Matching Call with me

I offer 45min to get to know each other and see if we are a GOOD MATCH. I am gently holding space for your questions and any concerns that you may have.


Choose the right program

If you feel a fullbody-YES for your upcoming Healing Journey we are going to choose the programme that suits you the best, set up the money magic & then start right away.

I got you Goddess.

Let’s Plan Your healing!

Frequently asked Questions


The Matching Call is essential and important for both of us to get to know each other and explore if we are aligned to work together. This is a co-created healing space and we both need to resonate with each other to make the transformation you desire happening.

It is completely free and there is no obligation to sign up at all.


No, i am not – i think they can have great value. But I do believe that not every medical intervention would be necessary or happens too early without having tried alternative healing approaches. Also there is the risk of unwanted side effects or simply not healing the root cause. 

Please know it doesn`t matter if you already have had a medical intervention or still want to take it into consideration – you are welcome with every choice and I support you exactly where you are at. I am super passionate about natural healing and still value medical care, the two can enhance each other. 


I`m aware this is a very sensitive question. As a women`s health specialist I have deeply immersed myself into understanding the immune system and how to empower it on a very deep level. I also studied the consequences of taking hormonal contraception on your female body and especially your immune system. Making your immune system function again so that you can truly blossom into radiant health is one of my main goals in this program. Your immune system is one of the keys for healing HPV naturally. Another key is you having your feminine cycles and all the life hormones that your body monthly creates for your health. If you take hormonal contraception our healing journey could not reach the highest healing possible.

That`s why I highly suggest women who are working with me to come off hormonal contraception. You will receive information, guidance & support for this. 


I am trained in women`s health, so mostly I work with women. But I am open for everybody who is reaching out to me and resonates with my work.


In my 20`s i had an serious HPV-Infection. I also had genital warts which was extremly (!) unpleasant, frightening and the treatment was torture. My test results got worse rapidly, leading my Doctor to suggest conization. I felt anxious about everything, especially coming out of a family situation where my mother left her body in a very young age because of cancer. 

I was quite young and had little understanding of what is going on – but I knew in my heart “this is not my way to heal this – there must be another way”. So I started my mission and dived into many different alternative healing approaches; family constellations, body work, natural healing therapies, changed my diet & supplements, found shiitake and other healing mushrooms, reduced my stresslevels, came off pill, faced my deepest traumas and started to manage my giving and receiving energies very conciously. 

And I DID IT. With the loving support of natural healers, therapists and coaches – I healed myself. A year later my test results were fully (!) back to normal. I will never forget my Doctor’s suprised face when she looked at my results and asked me: “How have you done this?”.

Experiencing the power of self-healing changed my understanding of WHAT healing is and HOW healing can be accessed profoundly. 

So, I know what you are going through. I have been there myself and not only overcame HPV but thrived into a more healthier and vibrant version of myself than I could ever have imagined. So if I could do it – you can do it too! 🤍

What are your coaching Languages?

(Swiss)-German and English. And sometimes a pretty funny mix between both of them.